Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology will see that the students from the department are adepts in adapting themselves to ever-changing concepts and innovations with the belief that technology makes it possible to gain control over every realm of human life today.

"It's not what one professes in, but what one practices, that makes a complete professional."

Our Department works with this motto with our faculties of head and heart completely dedicated to the exposure of our students to the world of software and technology.


Graduates are trained to develop a well-balanced insight into various cutting edge technologies and interpersonal leadership skills that enable them to manage complexities in IT industries by emphasizing on goal oriented team works. Armed with such profound and exhaustive Knowledge of the cutting edge technology, the students of our department are a step ahead of others. The mission of the department of I.T. is to impart high quality graduate education from core area of engineering. With the idea of "disseminating Knowledge through interaction", our department has been organizing National Level Technical Symposiums in this year through the constant support and enthusiasm of the management, faculty and students.