Student’s Clubs

The management has always been a forward-thinking for students, stimulating and enjoyable, experience as possible, related to their abilities, attitudes, and needs. The campus life of Rishi makes pleasant and exciting with student club activities.

The students will encounter a launching pad for their personal, professional and creative evolution. The club members are so creative that they thrive on seeing and doing things differently. The students can learn how to take their ideas and make them better. To refine and hone the talents, you walk into our doors, prepared and energized for your career.

We have created 5 clubs for students to refine their talents and exposure.
1. Literary Club
2. Sports Club
3. Cultural Club
4. Horticultural Club
5. Placement Club

All the student clubs play a vital role in ensuring the students to have active and enjoyable stay at college.In particular we are keen to encourage our students to new activities. We do our best to support those students as much as possible for Extra-Curricular Activities and the staff Coordinators are always on-hand to help the students to start-up new activities on week ends.

The club members will design the activities:
Literary Club: workshops, Seminars Group discussions and presentations & Literary Competitions & Guest Lectures.
Sports Club Encourages the students to participate in Indoor /outdoor games and maintains discipline during events.
Cultural Club: Encourage the students to participate in Dance / Music competitions
Placement club: staff Coordinators will help the club members to approach companies to organize JOB-MELAS, Campus Placements.

Student Clubs: College is the first platform where students will take part in creative activities and expose their talents. The students clubs in college campus are creative and productive sources to bring out the inner talents and strengthen self-confidence and perfection. Rishi Promotes 5 (Five) Student Clubs to identify and improve their hidden talents to attain fulfillment of their life’s goals.

Members for these clubs are elected by the students and are headed by the staff coordinators & encourage the students to participate in all the club activities.